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About Us

    Infinium Investment Advisors is an independent, Denver Financial Advisor focused on providing valuable investment management and financial planning advice. Bright, successful and discerning emerging affluent, senior executives, and pre-retirees chose IIA for our navigational skills in these turbulent markets.

    We take a unique approach to managing risk for our clients. Our financial advisors in Denver actively adjust our client portfolios to current and anticipated markets with priority given to protection of capital.

    Have you ever wondered, “Why hasn’t my financial advisor done something to protect my portfolio from losses?” If so, you are not alone. Static buy-and-hold strategies simply fail to adequately deal with the extreme volatility of the past several years. The industry has been slow to adapt and in the process, investors have suffered gut-wrenching losses and wild swings during recoveries.

    Our systematic approach at Infinium Investment Advisors is founded on academic research, behavior finance and technical interpretations of market movements designed to dampen risk without sacrificing the opportunity for growth. Our financial planning process identifies the safest passage to our clients’ goals and dreams. When clients put their trust in our financial advisors, it frees up their time and energy, allowing them to focus on family and career, philanthropic pursuits and personal development.

    Time may well be the most precious resource our clients have. It is the single resource we cannot manufacture. Knowing this, we’ve incorporated significant efficiencies into our services:

    • Web conferencing allows portfolio reviews with our geographically dispersed clients
    • Monthly executive summary reviews of performance and allocation eliminate client angst. Our clients never have to wonder, "How am I doing?"
    • Interactive financial planning allows us to collaborate online as we build a living, dynamically-updated road map to success with our investor clients.

    Isn’t it time for you to align with Infinium Investment Advisors?


    Contact our Denver financial advisors to schedule a personal discussion about your unique needs.