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Team Members

Max Mayeda, CFA®| Senior Financial Advisor

Max is passionate about providing caring and intelligent investment advice to his clients.  In a profession full of bad advisors and bad information, he is a fiduciary to professionals seeking guidance in the world of investing to help them understand the markets and why investments work the way they do today.  As a numbers guy with a science background, he isn't afraid to dig into the data to find the best solutions for his clients.  The best feeling in his job is growing with his clients and seeing them reach their financial milestones.

Max graduated from the University of Denver with a master’s degree in finance and an undergraduate degree in biology.  He has a wide variety of roles at Infinium including investment management and financial planning.  Max focuses on working with successful professionals in their 20s and 30s.  After pursuing a pre-medical degree and obtaining experience in hospitals and as a certified EMT, he chose to instead pursue a new found passion in finance. Max currently serves as President of the Bacchanalian Society of Denver and is a mentor for Minds Matter. Max has passed all three levels of the CFA® program on his first attempt and has been a charterholder since 2017.