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Success for Venture Capital-Backed IPOs in 2016


The best financial plans are built on the best financial planning tool


Better tools, better results 

When we set out from Merrill Lynch nearly eight years ago, one of the driving forces was the autonomy to go into the marketplace and find the best tools to serve our clients. There is no doubt that having the very best financial planning software package was a must given our focus on serving clients holistically. 

After an exhaustive effort and hours spent researching the many options available at the time, we chose MoneyGuidePro® (MGP) as our financial planning software package. Let me share with you some of the incredibly beneficial outcomes that our clients see when they invest time with us to create a comprehensive financial plan using MoneyGuidePro®.

Why Choose a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ for Financial Planning?


Would you expect Michael Phelps to compete at a world-class level without the support of an experienced coach? Would you expect a Hollywood studio to back a potential blockbuster film without a seasoned director? Then why would you expect to get the best performance out of your financial portfolio without the backing of professional money management?

Just as a coach works his way up through the ranks,

Meet Eileen Evans, Infinium's new Senior Client Associate


I'm pleased to announce Colorado-native Eileen Evans has joined Infinium Investment Advisors in the role of Senior Client Associate! Eileen is a seasoned veteran of the financial services industry, and we are fortunate to have her years of experience on board to serve you, our clients, with excellence.

Company stock holders: Stay Out of Jail with a 10b5-1 Trading Plan



Gaining stock or stock options for your technology company is one of those great perks, but one that also comes with some risk you carry for yourself and your company. That risk comes if you are accused of insider trading based on when you decide to buy or sell company stock.

Why Create a Financial Plan?



As an investor, you have heard about the value of creating a financial plan. Without a plan, you can get stuck in some traps that will either compromise your returns or cause you to overpay for financial advice and products. By creating a plan, however, you are increasing the chances for success in all of the major financial events that life has to offer. Below are some of the steps involved in creating a financial plan, which is a process involving both the investor and the investment advisor. 

Where To Find Funding Sources For Your Start-Up


The very first step in getting funding in place for your start-up is determining exactly how much you're going to need. You'll first need to estimate your costs, and a safe assumption to make is that you should have at least six months' worth of funds on hand in order to cover them.

How BREXIT will Affect the Stock Market


Vote for LEAVE takes the lead 

The news out of the U.K. is that the Leave, as in "leave the European Union," is taking the lead as the night progresses. The question on every investor's mind is, "How will Brexit affect the stock market?" and...

Alternative Investments Gaining Traction



New Social Security Rules Demand Changed Strategies


Changed Social Security Rules Demand Changed Strategies