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Tech Business owner

Fast-paced days and nights are standard for the Technology business owner. These clients fully understand the meaning of risk and reward and aren't afraid to bet heavily on themselves and their vision. 

This client has already had a profitable exit to a Fortune® 500 company for a side business, and is expanding his main business rapidly. Find out more about how we helped one of our top clients through good times and bad, and are working in partnership to further his success.



There's something about the conusmate Entrepreneur that keeps them coming back for more. In this case study, we look at a client who is not in the Tech industry, but our work with him is highly transferrable for other successful entrepreneurs.

After one successful exit to a Fortune® 500 company, this client went back to the well for "Another bite at the apple," as he likes to say. This liquidity event required us to craft a whole new approach to his investment portfolio.

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tech executive

If you can't deal with stress, deadlines, and the politics of an intense, corporate, environment then stay home. Clients who work as Senior Executives at public and private companies have a high tolerence for pain, and if they can stick it out the rewards are substantial. 

This client, in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a fast-tracker with many career opportunities ahead of him. One of his biggest portfolio challenges is how to manage his company stock options to maximize value and minimize taxes.  Our executive financial planning process holds the key.

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retired tech executive

After years as a consultant and finishing out his career as a CEO, our Retired Tech Executive has worn many hats throughout the years. Savings didn't look all that impressive until very late in his career, then the assets started piling up.

Once you are financially independent (retirement is a misnomer for high achievers), the goals and objectives change substantially. Protecting your portfolio rules the day and financial planning includes a healthy dose of philanthropy to charity.