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How much are your fees?

Fees range anywhere between 0.25% to 1.5% annually based upon a number of different criteria:

1) Amount of assets upon which we are advising a client

2) The risk level taken (lower risk portfolios tend to have lower costs)

3) The time it will take to effectively provide our services

For more information on costs, follow this link: Pricing

In a nutshell, what do you do for your clients?

We specialize in working with people in the Technology sector. We partner with our clients via what we call Trilogy of Growth: 

1) Personal Growth: The first piece of the Trilogy of Growth is you. Each of us has unique strengths and weaknesses and can only achieve our full potential when we develop ourselves. One of our favorite personal achievement gurus is Napolean Hill. He is the Godfather of self-help and we rely heavily on his philosophies to create a game plan for our cleints.

2) Professional Growth: The second piece of the Trilogy of Growth centers around how you can become as successful as possible in your vocation. In this area, we are constantly striving to help keep you informed of the latest trends that may impact your business or career. we act as a sounding board when you have as new job opportunity, or would just like to bounce an idea off of us. If you can achieve your greatest potential Professionally, then the third and last component to the Trilogy of Growth falls into place.

3) Portfolio Growth: This final piece of the Trilogy of Growth begins with Financial Planning. Here, we thoroughly analyze our clients situation, make reasonable assumptions about the future, and map a smart game plan to help push their agendas forward. Then, we bring the very best, low-cost investment solutions to you that provide the level of growth in your assets which matches to you desired outcome. 

When you optimzie yourself, your career or business, then you have laid the groundwork for success in your portfolio assets. It is very difficult to build a large portfolio if you are not clicking on all cylinders as a person and in your profession. Our job is to make sure all three of those are working in harmony.

You are a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) and fiduciary. What does that mean and why is it important?


As an RIA, Infinium Investment Advisors are required by law to always put your interests first, which means we are a fiduciary. We cannot favor ourselves in anyway and offer unbiased advice from the universe of investment options available since are not locked into one platform. We are a 100% fee-based financial advisor.

Brokers, on the other hand, charge commissions and regularly sell expensive proprietary investments products to their clients. In contrast to working with a broker who can favor themselves over you, being a fiduciary puts us on the same side of the table, and fosters trust.


Why should I hire Infinium when I can just buy a low-cost index fund?

What are some of the unique ways you work with your clients?

First, we believe creating a financial plan is the cornerstone of achieving any level of success with your personal finances. Could you imagine building a home with no blueprint, or a championship football team heading out on the field with no playbook? Certainly not.

Likewise, the stakes are too high and the potholes too big for you to meet your goals without putting in place a rock-solid plan-of-attack. All too often, we see advisors jumping right into the investing without first conducting a thorough analysis via the financial planning process. This is dangerous at best, and financial malpractice at worst.

One of the most unique ways we serve our Tech sector clients is to ensure they are not overexposed to the Technology stocks in their portfolios. Sometimes, due to the large amount of company stock these clients have, the process to mitigate this risk is rather difficult. However, carefully constructed portfolios that look at the whole picture, along with a sophisticated strategy to balance risk and reward, can create a path to goal achievement which, without careful design, might never happen.

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