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    In the world of personal financial services, all too often financial advisors lose focus on the reason a client hired them in the first place – to provide a better road to financial success than they otherwise could attain on their own. The emphasis on adding new investors to the practice rather than on serving existing relationships leads the client to wonder, “Am I just another revenue source?”

    Infinium's financial advisors take a different tact in Denver investment management. We believe the marketplace is hungry for a fresh approach where clients see and experience a firm truly focused on providing pragmatic, effective, and valuable advice. Our “build it and they will come” attitude means we have the confidence that our process will lead to resounding success first and foremost for our clients, and secondly to the growth of Infinium.

    We invite you to explore our two main Services for clients: Comprehensive Financial Planning & Analysis and Investment Management and see if the Infinium difference is right for you.


    Contact our Denver investment management team to schedule a personal discussion about your unique needs.