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Custom Risk Mitigation

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Infinium's financial advisors specialize in helping Senior Executives in Denver and beyond manage the broad financial risks that oftentimes accompany an aggressive climb up the career ladder. Large, unmanaged stock options grants, concentrated company stock positions, and inadequate modeling of their personal financial situation are just of few of the most common holes we regularly see with investors in the executive suite.

It’s not because these busy investors don’t care, but rather their schedules are packed with demands of the job and commitments to home and family life. Usually that’s indicative of sub-optimal investment strategies and excessive, uncontrolled risks permeating their portfolios.

IIA's financial advisors offer Custom Risk Mitigation strategies designed to address and fill the gaps prevalent in successful Senior Executives’ financial matters. Key value-added services we provide include:

  • A comprehensive financial analysis that models risks associated with concentrated positions in company stock or stock options
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of 10b5-1 trading plans that provide greater flexibility to buy and/or sell stock and stock options during blackout periods
  • An ongoing review process using the latest in web conferencing software that allows for quick and efficient updates and status reports along the way

If your personal financial house is not in order, consider adding Infinium Investment Advisors to your line-up of trusted advisors.


Contact our financial advisors to schedule a personal discussion about our specialized services for Senior Executives.